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The 1946 Dodge line featured numerous improvements over prewar cars; the big news, though, was the new “All Fluid Drive,” essentially the addition of a torque converter to the manual transmission (selling the five millionth Dodge was also big news, as was sales of 156,000 units and a 7.4% market share in the United States).

The base model was the Deluxe (sold for $1,229-$1,339), it available as a two or four door six-passenger sedan, or a two door, three passenger coupe.

The only other model was the Custom (sold from $1,384 to $1,743), it was available as a six-passenger, four-door sedan, twin sedan, or two-door club coupe, or as a five-passenger, two-door convertible, or as a seven-passenger, four-door sedan (the most expensive model).

The Custom was similar in appearance, but included more comfortable front seat cushions, electric wipers, chrome around the outside windows, and more upscale trim. Both lines were assembled in Detroit and California

All were officially classified as Series D-24.

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